How We Work - The Settlers USA
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How We Work


Step 1: Deciding to Move

The process begins. You put your house on the market! You start thinking about what to take (and not to take) to your new home.

Step 2: Planning Your Move

You are in control. The Settler will map out a detailed action plan with you, providing your personal moving folder.

Step 3: Managing Inventory

The Settler photographs furnishings, manages inventory, creates a list & records room-by-room destinations for entire inventory.

Step 4: Orchestrating Move

The Settler recommends and engages move service providers like movers, shippers, appraisers, storage facilities, dumpsters, and cleaners.

Step 5: Sorting Possessions

You go through all rooms one at a time. The Settler will assist in this process as much or as little as needed. You make the decisions; we execute.

Step 6: Giving Away Items

Optional service: The Settler facilitates a “Hosie Party” to appropriately allocate items to family members.

Step 7: Packing Your Move

We pack and label all items for moving, then dispose of unwanted items – sell, donate, recycle, ship or store.

Step 8: Move-Out Day

We supervise movers and other service providers, including cleaning, in anticipation of final walk-through.

Step 9: Preparing to Move In

The Settler creates timelines, working with you and your decorator, builder or real estate professional to assure that your home is ready.

Step 10: Unpacking Your Move

We direct the movers and placement of furnishings based on the floor plan. We unpack, remove moving debris and set up the kitchen and other rooms.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

We set up lamps and clock radios, stock the refrigerator, make beds, hang pictures, – converting the house into your new home.


You are SETTLED IN and begin life in your new home.