About Professional Move Managers - The Settlers USA Darien Connecticut
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About Us


As the wedding planner is to weddings, the move manager is to moving. The Settler plans, manages and executes all the details of your move.


The Settler is a professional residential move management company that assists you with the logistical, physical and emotional aspects of moving, right-sizing and relocating. By planning all aspects of the move process, we minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving.


The Settler works with individuals and families on every type of move, and we also provide unique services and support for older adults and their families.

The Settler LLC


Founded in 2002 by Pinny Randall, The Settler has grown to a team of 16 professionally trained move managers. Implementing The Settler’s detailed systems for managing your move, we collaborate to give clients a great experience during a stressful time.


With regular professional education through the National Association of Senior Move Managers, The Settler has developed relationships with move managers all over the country, enabling us to orchestrate moves outside the northeast, where we are located.


Our Vision Statement

“We handle every move as if it were our own”.


The Settler Code

We handle every move with confidentiality, respect for people and property, consideration, diligence and commitment.


We handle every move as if it were our own.

PINNY RANDALL, Founder & Owner

Prior to forming The Settler, Pinny worked on Wall Street as the head of customer service division. While raising her family, she was President and Director of the Capital Campaign of the local YWCA, and at the same time initiated extensive local volunteer responses to disasters such as 9/11, Katrina and Kosovo.

Pinny’s greatest enjoyment is helping clients successfully navigate the stresses of moving. Since founding The Settler in 2002, Pinny has built a strong team of Job Managers and Settlers. Together they embody The Settler’s can-do spirit, finding creative solutions to every move challenge.


Pinny Randall became a professional move manager after she orchestrated a complicated move for friends in Greenwich, CT, who were unable to manage the move themselves. Pinny sorted and packed 25 years of accumulated belongings destined for a new home under construction. The friends’ new home was completed the week of the move date. As the construction and cleaning crews left through one door, the movers came in through another. The following night, the homeowners hosted a cocktail party for 50 guests.


The Settler was born! Since then, The Settler has managed hundreds of moves throughout New England and beyond.

KAREN MAGNUSSON, VP of Job Management

With a degree in psychology and having raised three sons, Karen is a pro when it comes to making a chaotic and stressful time run smoothly.


A Darien native, Karen has worked for The Settler since 2014. Previously, she worked as a credit analyst for Pitney Bowes Financials and as a preschool teacher.


She approaches most things in life with an easy going way and believes that laughing and finding humor in difficult situations is a great stress reliever. Working closely with her Settler Team, Karen loves to tackle the details of each unique move and make the experience one to remember for all involved.


As a Jack of All Trades for The Settler, Caroline Menchero has been delighting our clients since 2008. Caroline manages our office, providing Job Managers with the right resources and information needed to facilitate each move.


She is also our bookkeeper, responsible for tracking endless details required for accurate invoicing. Caroline also works as a hands-on Job Manager, so she thoroughly understands the logistics of moving and the support she needs to provide to those in the field.


Caroline came into move management naturally after orchestrating three challenging Transatlantic moves for herself and her family. Seniors have a special place in Caroline’s heart, and they appreciate her friendly, upbeat and positive approach to solving their problems.


No stranger to moving, Terry herself moved nine times in seven years! As a result, Terry is intimately familiar with techniques for downsizing, right-sizing and tracking a thousand and one details.


A natural organizer, Terry can get your pantry in order (her own spices are alphabetized), and she’ll organize your closet so you can easily find that pair of shoes. Moving is a stressful time, so Terry makes it an easy, fun transition for our clients.


After growing up New Canaan, Terry moved to northeast Florida, where she earned a real estate license and also worked as a personal assistant to a structural engineer, helping the family to manage home and daily life. Since then she has returned to New Canaan to be closer to her parents. Terry has a special empathy with the elderly and their needs. You might see her driving around with her 97-year-old mother, stopping at the local estate sales.


Lisa Cassidy has been a member of The Settler since 2014.  With a Master’s in Social Work and experience in counseling, Lisa comes to work with an empathetic and caring attitude about all kinds of stress.


Having raised four kids of her own, Lisa is familiar with having to keep a home for many people organized, so that everything can be kept track of and easily found when needed.  She is clever when it comes to organizing things to fit neatly in a space even when you think it’s full.


After working in the Greenwich Public Schools as a Social Worker for several years, Lisa took time off to raise her children while doing all kinds of volunteer work along the way.  As her kids have slowly gone off to college she has taken on more managing responsibilities for The Settler.

MARTE SMALL, Job Manager

After downsizing and moving 3 years ago, Marte realized she had a knack for the process and thus began her career at The Settler!


She enjoys helping people through the task and finds it most satisfying when ‘everything is in its place’ in the new home!


Raising 4 children, working in radio and television early in her career, then spending time volunteering in schools, teaching nursery school and a stint in retail, Marte is able to juggle many balls and keep smiling!


Move management requires creativity, Beth’s strong suit. With her skills in interior design, Beth grasps all the details that go into settling comfortably into a new residence.


Whether she’s helping clients decide on furniture layout in their new space or which cherished heirlooms to display, Beth helps clients envision the final result.


Beth came to The Settler in 2015 with a background in move management, quickly jumping into The Settler’s unique moving process. Just as critical, Beth transforms moving into a fun experience. She smoothly guides both clients and the moving crew through the arduous work of the move by keeping everyone smiling.